Endodontics & Bone Grafting

Endodontics (Root Canals):

          This is performed when the internal nerve of a tooth is infected or is exposed to a cavity or the Oral environment. This often can cause pain, swelling and if left untreated the loss of a tooth. We would access the tooth and remove the nerves. Then we will fill the nerve canals with a material that does not react with the surrounding tissue. This will reduce the chance of additional infection, pain, swelling, and loss of the tooth. Often after this procedure we will do a cap.

Complex Surgeries and Bone Grafting:

       In most cases our skilled General dentists can remove teeth painlessly and efficiently. Often this is something you would be referred to an Oral Surgeon to perform.

          If a patient has the intention of having an Implant in the future, we can place bone (Bone Graft) in the area where an extraction was done to shorten the time until you can have an implant placed. In addition, if you are not ready to have the implant placed it reinforces the space allowing your bone to get thicker.

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