Types of Teeth

How about a little dental trivia? If all you want for Christmas is your two front teeth, what type of teeth are you hoping Santa brings?

Our blog today aims to answer this question by discussing the different types of teeth you’ve been blessed with- not once, but twice in your life (think baby and adult teeth).

  1. Incisors – It all starts up front. The incisors account for eight of a typical adult’s 32 teeth. You can find these teeth right in the middle of your smile, the four top and four bottom teeth that are used when you take a bite of food. These are normally the first teeth you see poking through as both your baby and adult teeth.

  1. Cuspids (canine teeth) – To the left and right of your incisors you will find two sharp teeth (for a total of four) known as cuspids, canine teeth or eye teeth. These teeth are excellent for gripping and tearing food apart.
  2. Premolars – Continuing our journey from front to back, the premolars come next. Just as with the incisors, there are four of these on the top and four on the bottom, and these have a ridged biting surface that is used to tear, crush and grind your food.
  3. Molars – If you’ve picked up on the pattern of the incisors and premolars, the molars follow the same rule of four on top, four on bottom. These teeth are your grinders and chewers.
  4. Third molars (wisdom teeth) – Arriving much later to the party, your third molars, or wisdom teeth, break through in your late teens. These four teeth located in the top and bottom back corners are often a nuisance since they can crowd the mouth and therefore usually need to be removed.

Now that you’ve been blessed with all this knowledge of dental anatomy, what will you do with it? Perhaps you could sing “All I want for Christmas is my two front incisors” and make someone laugh. Perhaps not. Either way, we wish you a Merry Christmas filled with shining smiles!