Replace That Missing Tooth!

missing tooth on a stand

The majority of complaints about missing teeth are for aesthetic purposes, but the truth is that aesthetics is a very minor concern compared to other issues that missing teeth might present.

Today, we want to outline a few more health-related reasons you should be replacing that missing tooth, and what may happen if the issue remains.

  1. Each tooth serves a specific function – There are several different types of teeth in your mouth, and each has a specific purpose when you’re eating. When you lose a tooth, this can put more stress on your other teeth by shifting your bite. This can also shift your other teeth into the new gap where your now-missing tooth was. Digestion can be hindered, and you may take more precautions with what foods you choose to eat. This can create other health issues when you avoid specific foods that are nutritious and part of a well-balanced diet.
  2. Missing teeth can interfere with speech – Your teeth help you communicate clearly. Missing teeth can make it difficult to properly enunciate, and you can grow frustrated when your speech isn’t as clear as before.
  3. Your appearance can change – Believe it or not, missing teeth can make you look older! Your teeth help to stabilize your cheeks and lips, and when you are missing teeth your cheeks can become hollowed and create wrinkles in the skin.
  4. Bones can erode – If you lose a tooth and it isn’t replaced, the bone that surrounded it can erode. This causes the jaw bone to shrink, and your gumline can recede. This creates a large amount of stress on other nearby teeth.
  5. Plaque buildup – Missing teeth can create more places for plaque and bacteria to build up in your mouth. These can cause gum infections and even lead to you losing other teeth!

The good news is there are plenty of replacement options for those missing teeth. Whether you need implants, dentures, or bridges, we’ll work with you to choose the tooth replacement option that’s best suited for your individual case. If you’re a match for our mini implants, your healing time can even be minimal.

Restore your smile and protect your health. Make the simple call to our expert team here at Susquehanna Dental Arts at 717-285-7033 and we’ll be happy to consult with you to determine the best option for restoring your smile!