Planmeca ProOne

Two employees using the Planmeca ProOne

Susquehanna Dental Arts is excited to add the new Planmeca ProOne panoramic x-ray machine to our office for 2016!

The 2D digital panoramic x-ray combines simplicity with latest state-of-the-art technology to provide ease of use, extensive diagnostic capabilities, and superior image quality. It is light weight and the result is a panoramic x-ray that can be used in almost any doctor’s office or imaging facility. Being Digital makes the ProOne low radiation.

An employees demonstrating the Planmeca ProOneThe ProOne offers many advantages both for the patient and for the imaging workflow of the practice. Direct Digital imaging saves time. Images are seen on the computer screen within seconds after the exposure without waiting for the processing of film in order to make a proper diagnosis. The ProOne is accessible by all patients standing or a seated patient. From children and adults to those who are wheelchair bound.

Contact us today to learn more about the ProOne or to schedule your next appointment!