Keep Your Teeth and Gums Happy and Healthy!

It can be easy to neglect your teeth and gums with the busy lifestyles we tend to lead. There’s school, work, kids, hobbies, cleaning, and so much more to occupy our minds from the time we open our eyes until we go to bed at night. With so much on our minds, who has time to think about their oral hygiene?

Everyone’s teeth and gums should be a priority to them. Our oral hygiene is just as important as our overall health, and should be treated as such. Today, we want to provide some easy ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy while still keeping up with your bustling lifestyle.

A Guide to Proper Brushing – 2 Minutes, Twice a Daytoddler in feeding chair with spoon in mouth smiling

You spent two minutes watching that hilarious cat video on YouTube this morning – why can’t you spend those same two minutes thoroughly brushing your teeth? Using a soft bristled toothbrush, place the brush at a 45-degree angle against your teeth and use short, gentle back-and-forth motions paired with small circular motions will not damage your enamel but still remove any food residue.

**Professional tip – avoid a sawing or scrubbing motion, as this will damage the enamel and cause more harm than good.

Flossing – Not Just a Kid’s Dance!

Daily flossing is a necessity to remove plaque from between the teeth that your toothbrush cannot reach. Just beneath your gum line and the tight spaces between your teeth remain vulnerable to plaque buildup and the increase of tartar, which can lead to cavities and gum disease.

Flossing should take just a minute or two, and saves you time in the dentist chair and money later down the road. We call that a win-win!

All the Food You Need (And What You Don’t)

We’ve discussed foods that are healthy for your teeth before – and we know your dentist has told you all about foods to avoid. Foods that are high in sugar (namely, sugary drinks, candy, cookies, and fast food) are tooth killers. We recommend limiting your intake of those high-sugar foods as much as possible, we know that no one is perfect! If you do indulge in the occasional office donut, be sure to drink plenty of water afterward to cleanse your mouth of the excess sugar, or even have a toothbrush at the office to take care of any pesky leftover crumbs.

Foods that are good to snack on between meals include crunchy veggies and fruits such as apples, celery, or carrots, which give the jaw a workout and produce plenty of saliva, which helps to protect enamel and even strengthen your teeth.

It can be easy to take care of your teeth and gums – incorporating these practices into your daily life will improve your oral health and keep you out of the dentist chair for anything more than a regular check-up. Give Susquehanna Dental Arts a call today at 717-684-3943 to schedule your appointment and learn more about how to take great care of your smile!