It’s NOT Just a Cleaning! – An In-Depth Look: Part Two

We’re back for Round Two of yes, it’s NOT just a cleaning! Last time, we discussed some basic procedures offered by your dentist every time you visit for a routine “cleaning”. We get it – scheduling a seemingly mundane appointment for yourself is HARD, especially when you’re coordinating kids, sports, spouses, jobs, and even relaxation time for yourself. That’s a lot of balls to keep in the air!

However, it is CRUCIAL that you keep your regularly scheduled appointments as they’re scheduled. Not only will your teeth be healthier in the long run, but a routine dental appointment can affect every aspect of your life, more than you may realize.

Blood pressure screening

You may find it odd to have a blood pressure cuff strapped to your arm in the dentist’s chair, but it’s actually an extremely important part of the routine checkup process. For example, a high blood pressure reading might prompt your dentist to forego a planned procedure and refer you to a physician for treatment before the procedure can be safely performed. Additionally, local anesthesia can affect your blood pressure, so something as simple as a cavity being filled could pose a serious threat to your heart’s health.

Re-check dental appliances for fit (dentures, partials, bite-guards, etc.)

Over time, your teeth and bite can change. If you use dental appliances such as night guards, dentures, or retainers, it’s important that those appliances are checked at every cleaning for fit. If your teeth shifted even slightly, it can wear down the appliances unevenly, which can cause the appliance to rub painfully against your gums. This can erode the gumline and allow bacteria nearly unlimited access to all the vulnerable, crucial layers underneath the enamel and gumline.

philips zoom whitening before/after teeth

Removal of coffee, tea, and tobacco stains

Are your pearly whites looking a little worse for wear? Are you addicted to coffee, knowing full well the effect it’s having on your teeth? Your routine cleanings could be a great place to fix that! We offer an incredible whitening service at Susquehanna Dental Arts called the Zoom! Whitening System. Before your routine cleaning, talk to your dentist and voice your interest in a whitening service. He’ll be able to recommend the best service for the health of your teeth.

Take intraoral photos of problem areas…

…so that you can see what we see! Have you ever wondered what your dentist sees during your appointment? That’s why we take intraoral photos during your appointment – to give you a clear view of what we’re seeing. We especially photograph problem areas so we can best explain potential issues and the best ways to solve them.

There are dozens of reasons why your cleaning is NOT just a cleaning – so schedule yours today! Talk to the team at Susquehanna Dental Arts to schedule your routine appointment and enjoy all the benefits that a healthy mouth brings. We look forward to serving you!