7 Reasons to See a Dentist Regularly

There is significant health risks associated with poor oral hygiene, and your mouth needs treated with the same care as the rest of your body to minimize the risk of health problems down the road. While the average person can get away with a dental visit roughly every six months, there are some who may need more or less visits depending on their unique situations.

We’ve compiled a list of seven reasons you should make regular visits to our dental office. These include reasons to save you time, money, and pain associated with some of the problems your mouth or body can experience when not properly maintained.

    1. Dental CheckupIt’s affordable & can actually save you money – As with most things in life, early detection helps eliminate costly treatments. Tooth decay and gingivitis that go untreated can lead to serious complications later in life, including root canals, tooth loss, and even cancer!
    2. To properly maintain your teeth and bones – Mouths are a dirty place! Dentists can help you enjoy that healthy smile as long as possible by providing regular checkups, cleanings, and other appropriate dental procedures. As we age we’re most susceptible to things like the buildup of plaque, gum disease, tooth decay, and other dental problems, and regular visits can help fight against these.

  1. For a whiter and more attractive smile – A visit to the dentist includes even more than just proper maintenance. It can help you ensure the whitest and healthiest smile through removal of stains and plaque, and by offering teeth whitening options.
  2. Dentists can detect certain conditions earlier than family doctors – Hypertension and diabetes are just two examples or problems a dentist can spot quicker than your family doctor. Early detection for these can not only save you money, but maybe even your life!
  3. Periodontal disease – Not only can we help prevent periodontal disease, but if it’s in the early stages we can even reverse it. Your twice a year dental visits are a vital step to avoid this dental problem. We can also treat it if it has already progressed past the point of reversal.
  4. To prevent tooth loss – We all want to keep our real teeth as long as possible. Visiting the dentist for the reasons listed above can help you keep your teeth, and avoid any dental implants.
  5. Your overall health and well being is affected by your dental health – As a holistic dentist, we see firsthand the effects of poor oral care. Consider the effects of amalgam on the human body. Stories like those of Freya Koss, who was badly poisoned and misdiagnosed with MS, Lupus, and Myastenia Gravis, are becoming more common. Even without serious dental issues like mercury poisoning, good oral health impacts your entire body. Good oral health can help reduce your risk of serious health problems and help you save time, money, and pain!

If you have any concerns with your oral health, or it’s time to make a visit to the dentist, we encourage you to reach out through the number at the top or bottom of the page. We are more than happy to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and a happy smile!