5 Surprising Foods That Are Actually Good for Your Teeth

We’ve all had the dangers of certain foods drilled into our brains; which foods cause cavities, which ones cause staining, and which ones erode enamel away. However, we rarely hear about foods that are not only okay to eat, but healthy for your teeth. Here are a few foods that your dentist will be happy to hear you’re eating regularly.


I know what you’re thinking: salmon? I know it’s healthy for my body, but my teeth, too? Salmon is high in vitamin D and calcium, meaning it is universally beneficial to your whole body. In regard to your teeth, vitamin D helps your body better absorb any calcium intake and put it to good use. We’ve all heard about how calcium strengthens the bones and teeth, so adding vitamin D into the mix makes it easier for the body to absorb that calcium and utilize it wherever it’s needed. In this case, strengthening the gums and teeth.


Celery is almost entirely water. However, the benefit of celery for your teeth is not found in its composition. Celery gives your teeth a great workout. Because of its consistency, celery massages the gums to promote good blood flow and cleans the teeth in the process. Because of its tougher exterior, celery also requires a lot of chewing. More chewing means more saliva, which neutralizes any unwanted bacteria in the mouth.

sesame seedSesame Seeds

Whether eaten on their own or as an ingredient in a dish, sesame seeds have two uses. Because of their texture, sesame seeds help to scrub plaque away as you chew. They are also packed with calcium, which strengthens the teeth. Two great reasons to add those sesame seeds to your salad! Just make sure any seeds that get stuck in between your teeth are cleared out right away.


Besides the obvious calcium benefits packed into cheese, it’s also high in phosphate. Phosphate, much like calcium, is a natural strengthener of teeth and bones. As if cheese couldn’t get any more beneficial, it even balances the pH level in your mouth. If your pH level is too low, that means there are harmful acids in your mouth causing bacteria. Cheese balances that pH level, removing the acid and adding more cleansing saliva. A balanced pH and lots of saliva mean fewer cavities – whip out those sesame seed crackers and cheese before dinner for a great, healthy snack!


We’ve all heard the DIY hack that strawberries whiten teeth – turns out, it’s actually true! Strawberries contain malic acid, which is a natural whitener. It scrubs the enamel clean and even protects against future stains.  Just remember to floss those pesky seeds away when you’re done!

Finding foods that are healthy for your teeth and gums seems like an impossible chore. However, there are so many foods that contain healthy vitamins and minerals to strengthen and even whiten your teeth. If you’re not sure whether a food is healthy or not for your teeth, your dentist is a great person to ask. Talk to your dentist at Susquehanna Dental Arts today to schedule your appointment and discuss the foods that will put you on the path to a healthy smile.