5 Good Dental Habits We Hope You Continue

Sure, you appreciate your teeth but are you showing them the love they deserve? It really doesn’t take a lot to adopt good dental habits. If you’re doing them already, please keep up the great work! You’ll likely enjoy lifelong good dental health. If you aren’t adopting these healthy dental habits, start now!

smiling woman with healthy teeth
  1. Brush Regularly

Brush your teeth twice a day to avoid tartar buildup and gingivitis and to get rid of plaque. Daily brushing, at least twice a day, is a good dental habit that takes very little time. Sun-up and sun-down: that’s the easiest way to incorporate regular tooth brushing into your daily routine. Brush your teeth when you wake up and brush your teeth before you go to bed for good oral hygiene. At your next dental checkup, our hygienists would be happy to show you the best way to brush.  (Don’t forget to brush your tongue, too!)

  1. Floss

Flossing greatly reduces periodontal disease and helps get rid of cavity-causing bacteria. You don’t have to floss twice a day but do floss at least once. Choose to make it part of your sun-up or sun-down brushing habit for good dental health and to avoid bad breath. When you visit us for a cleaning, we will be flossing your teeth. When you floss at home, you can greatly reduce gingival bleeding. In other words, the more routinely you floss on your own, the more you can avoid painful, bleeding gums during dental visits. Here’s another bonus to regular flossing: It reduces tartar. So, there will be less need for our hygienist to scrape! If you have difficulty flossing, we recommend using a water flosser, such as Waterpik.

  1. Limit Sugary/Acidic Foods

This good dental habit is one of the more difficult ones to maintain but persevere! Sugary and acidic foods can erode tooth enamel that protects your teeth. These foods can also weaken your gum line, which can eventually lead to exposed nerve centers in your teeth. You can end up with painful tooth sensitivity and then you won’t even want to look at those sugary, acidic foods. Everything in moderation! Limit your consumption of these types of foods and rinse your mouth (even with just water) after you do enjoy a sugary or acidic treat and you’ll be practicing good dental habits for continued dental health.

  1. Avoid the Stainers

Avoid coffee, red wine, soda, and nicotine. If you won’t avoid them, we again suggest everything in moderation. If you smoke, we encourage you to seek help in quitting. Enjoy the other items occasionally, if you must, and try to rinse thoroughly with water shortly after consuming coffee, red wine, or soda to remove as much of their harmful dental side effects as possible. Additionally, sip soda or other carbonated drinks through a straw to help lessen their contact with tooth enamel.

  1. Rinse with Saltwater

Saltwater rinses can increase the pH level of your mouth, which creates an alkaline setting. Bacteria hates an alkaline setting. Saltwater is an inexpensive way to maintain good oral hygiene. Mix a ½ teaspoon of salt with 1 cup of warm water. A gentle swish of saltwater a couple of times a day is good, but don’t swallow any of it! A saltwater swishing is good to do immediately after you’ve had any of the stain-causing beverages or the sugary foods and it can be

If you’ve been practicing these 5 healthy dental habits, we welcome you to brag about it at your next visit to our office! As always, we welcome any questions you have regarding your dental health.